Leisurely Guided Walks on Dublin's Doorstep

Guided Walks

Guided Walks on Dublin's Doorstep

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Walks Destinations: Wicklow Mountains: 1. Glendalough; 2. Djouce Woods; 3. Devil's Glen; 4. Pilgrim's Way. Dublin Mountains: 7. Giant's Grave; 8. Fairy Castle; 9. Ballycorus Chimney. Dublin Riviera: 5. Bray Head; 6. Kiliney Hill Park
The guided walks are at a leisurely pace, with time to enjoy the magnificent landscapes over mountains and sea and to find out about the local heritage and history. The routes are off the beaten tracks and they follow well established trails in the Wicklow Mountains, the Dublin Mountains and in Dublin Riviera. The guided walks are suitable for all age groups and levels of fitness.   Walking times are two to three hours. The guide will meet you at the start of the walk, at your place of stay or at a convenient location. Most walks are also accessible by public transport from Dublin. Price: two hour walk: €25/ person; three hour walk: €30/ person. Family and group rates available. We also organise personalised guided walks according to your wishes and interests. Please, contact us for bookings and enquiries.

Destinations (see walk number on the map):

Wicklow MountainsDublin MountainsDublin Riviera

Devil’s Glen – 2 hour walk (3)

The mysterious charms of this wild valley have attracted many artists andDevil's Glen - The Waterfall walkers. In recent years, wooden sculptures were commissioned to enhance some of the trails.  Walking along the river, we soon reach a waterfall tumbling into a deep pool.  The trail goes up then through the forest where it joins a trail created in honour of Seamus Heaney, Nobel Prize of Literature who lived nearby.  Along the way, there are some lovely glimpses over the countryside and the coast.

Price: €25 per person

Glendalough Valley and the Monastic site – 2 hours (1)

glendalough-st-kevins-church-and-the-round-towerLying at the heart of Wicklow Mountains National Park, the Valley of Glendalough is well known for its two lakes and its magnificent scenery.  It is also home to the ruins of a once famous monastery with a Round Tower still standing tall. The walk starts with a guided tour of the monastic site and it proceeds then along the valley passing by the two lakes nestling at the foot of the mountains.

Price: € 25 per person .

The Pilgrim's Way (via Paddock Hill) and

Glendalough Monastic Site – 3 hours (4)

Walking along the Avonmore Valley, we soon reach the wide plateau at theTrooperstown-Hill-WALK top of Paddock Hill.  To the south, we can see the Wicklow Mountains and the Valley of Glendalough and to the North, the lush valley of Avonmore, nestling among rounded hills.  Further on, stunning views open over the valley and its two lakes.   The walk ends with a guided tour of the ruins of the Monastic Site and its round tower.

Price: €30 per person

Djouce Woods, Powerscourt Demesne – 3 hours (2)

djoouce-woods-paddock-pondsThe trail meanders through the forest to a quiet pond where deer can sometimes be seen.  It then goes up along edge of the forest to the moorland at the foot of the mountains.  Magnificent views open up over the mountains, the countryside and the sea in the distance.  On the way back, there are glimpses over Powerscourt Waterfall, the highest waterfall in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Price: €30 per person

Ballycorus Chimney – 2 hours (9)

Ballycorus - Chimney/ CheminéeThe trail meanders through the forest to the top of a small hill overlooking the Wicklow Mountains and Sugar Loaf.  Continuing on, we arrive at a plateau where a tall chimney stands overlooking the coast.  Used in the 19th century as part of the local smelting works, It is a reminder of the mining tradition once present in the area.

 Price: € 25 per person

The Giant's Grave and Three Rock Mountain – 2 hours (7)

la-tombe-du-geant-1The forestry trail leads to a small clearing.  A Megalithic tomb was built there some 4000 years ago.  Its ruins are imposing and they give a fair idea of the size of the tomb, known locally as the Giant’s Grave. Walking on through the forest, we soon reach Three Rock Mountain.  From this high plateau, there are stunning views over the city and the sea.

Price: € 25 per person

The  Giant's Grave and Fairy Castle – 3 hours (8)

Giant's Grave - View over East CoasAfter admiring the ruins of the Giant’s Grave which was built some 4000 years ago, we continue on to Three Rock Mountain.  A magnificent perspective opens up over Dublin and its bay.  Crossing the plateau, the trail goes up to Fairy Castle.  From the top, the views are stunning, from the Wicklow Mountains in the distance to the coast at our feet.  A narrow path comes down the mountain to the forest where we join a wide trail.

Price: €30 per person


Killiney Hill Park – 2 hours (6)

On the Killiney Bay or way to the Park, we pass by Bono’s house, the founder and director of U2.  The trail meanders then through mature woodlands to reach the top of the two hills over which the Park is built.  The views are amazing, taking in the mountains, the coast and Dublin in the distance.  After walking down to the sea, we come to a picturesque harbour facing a small island before getting to Dalkey heritage town..

Price: €20 per person

The Cross (Bray Head) – 2 hours (5)

After leaving the beach, the trail leads to the ruins of a church overlooking Aile delta orthe sea, Bray and the Wicklow mountains in the distance.  Further on, we join a trail going up to the Cross.  Built on a rock it overlooks the Wicklow Mountains and the coast with Dublin Bay in the distance.  A nice path meandering through the forest brings us back to the beach. On the way down, there are some beautiful glimpses over the coast and the sea.

Price: €25 per person

The Cliff Walk and the Cross (Bray Head) - 3 hours (5)

The walk starts along the Cliff Walk, carved out  the steep slopesCoast and train of Bray Head at the time the railway line was built.  Dramatic views open over the rugged coastline below.   Half way along the trail, we move away from the coast toward Bray Head.  The trail goes up to a plateau and then to the Cross.  After admiring the stunning views over the coast and the mountains, we walk down to the beach along a trail meandering through the forest.


Please, contact us for further enquiries and bookings

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