Leisurely Guided Walks on Dublin's Doorstep

Bray Head & The Cliff Walk


  • Price :  from €40
  • How to  get  from Dublin to the start of the walk: train (Dart) or bus; private transport
  • Length of walk: approx. 3 hours (moderate)
  • Contact us by email,  phone or WhatsHapp  +353 (0) 86 403 2002 
  • Walk also included in the half-day walking tours departing from Dublin

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Bray Head and the Cross

At the end of Bray Promenade, the steep slopes of Bray Head rise up closing off Killiney Bay. The trail starts by the sea and  meanders up through the forest to a granite cross built on a rocky outcrop.  A wide panorama opens up with stunning views over the sea, the coast and the Wicklow mountains.

Railway line

The railway line from Dublin finally arrived in Bray in 1854.  It was then extended to Greystones following the coast line and traversing the steep slopes of Bray Head.  Although this stretch is only seven kilometers long, it took a year to build.  The work was very tough with up to five hundred men working at the same time.  All the work had to be done by hand, including digging three tunnels and building four bridges.  It is considered as is one of the most scenic railway routes in Ireland.

Cliff Walk

The Cliff Walk was built at the same time as the railway line.  It was used then by the workers to get to work. Carved out of the steep slopes of Bray Head, it meanders through a wild landscape above the railway line and the sea.  The silence and the peace are only broken by the crushing of the waves along the shore, the song of the birds and the occasional train.  

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