Leisurely Guided Walks on Dublin's Doorstep

Devil’s Glen, Ashford


  • Price:  from €30/ person
  • How to get  from Dublin to the start of the walk: private transport
  • Length of walk: approx. 2 hours (easy)
  • Contact us by email, phone or What’sHapp  +353 (0) 86 403 2002 

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Devil’s Glen

Take the time for a leisurely walk along the Devil’s Glen to enjoy its wild beauty and its mysterious charm.  This valley lies in the Wicklow Mountains foothills, near the village of Ashford.  The trail follows the river Vartry as it meanders along the steep sides of the valley which were carved at the time the glaciers melted.  Along the trail, there are some unusual wooden sculptures which are part of Coillte’s project, Sculptures in Woodland.


Further up in the Devil’s Glen, the trail reaches a picturesque waterfall tumbling down into a deep pool in the heart of the forest.  The waterfall has lost most of its power since a dam was built upstream.  In the olden days, its roar filled the Devil’s Glen, hence its name but now, only the sweet murmur of the water remains.


In the olden days, wolves roamed the wide expanse of forests which stretch along the upper edge of the Devil’s Glen.  Rebels used also to hide among the crisscrossing paths of the forests. A new trail was opened in the last few years in honour of Seamus Heaney, Nobel Prize of Literature.  As he lived nearby, he used to come to the forest for a quiet stroll. 

Enquiries & Bookings | Guided Walks


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