Leisurely Guided Walks on Dublin's Doorstep

Fairy Castle, Dublin Mountains


This guided walk in the Dublin Mountains follows walking trails through forests and over moorland. Reaching the top of Fairy Castle, the vast landscape unfolds below one’s feet.  Spectacular views open up over Dublin City  and  Dublin Bay, with the ever-changing colour of the sea reflecting the moods of the clouds.  From behind, there are sweeping views  over the Wicklow Mountains.  On a clear day, the Welsh and Northern Irish mountains make their appearance in the hazy distance of this vast panorama.

Fairy Castle

The top of Fairy Castle is the highest point of the Dublin Mountains. According to popular belief, fairies live among the pile of old stones which cover an old megalithic tomb.  On some days, fairies can be seen dancing around the mound of stones and this is why the mountain was given its name.

Three Rock Mountain

The mountain is named Three Rock because there are three large heaps of boulders and rocks at the top of the mountain.  they are a well-known landmark as they can be seen from many corners of Dublin and from further afield.  Through centuries, these rocks have been weathered down by the tough Irish weather. At one time, these rocks and boulders were the only feature of this high plateau.  However, for the last fifty years they have been overshadowed by the masts used for the transmission of radio and television services. Grade: Moderate – 3 hours approximately (walk available all year round) Price: €30/person; family and group rates available Contact us for further information Guided walk included in the Walking Tours departing from Dublin Bus 3 resOption by public transport to the start of the walk
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