Leisurely Guided Walks on Dublin's Doorstep

Glendalough Valley & the Monastic Site

  • Price:  from €30
  • How to get  from Dublin to the start of the walk: bus; private transport
  • Length of walk: approx. 2 hours (easy
  • Contact us by email,  phone or WhatsApp  +353 (0) 86 403 2002 
  • Walk also included in the walking tours departing from Dublin

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Glendalough Valley

A guided walk in the peaceful  Glendalough  Valley is a unique experience.  Lying at the heart of Wicklow Mountains National Park, the valley is a paradise for walkers with its wide network of walking trails.   In Irish, the valley is called Gleann Dá Loch which means the valley of the two lakes.

 Monastic Site

The valley also used to be home to a monastery founded in the 6th century by Saint Kevin who lived first as a hermit in a cave by the Upper Lake.  The fame of the monastery as a spiritual and learning centre spread well beyond the Irish shores, attracting many pilgrims and scholars. On arriving to Glendalough, the slender silhouette of the round tower was a welcoming landmark for the pilgrims after a long & perilous journey.  Nowadays, the Round Tower extends its protective shadow over Saint Kevin church & the ruins of the other churches.

Two lakes in Glendalough Valley

The two lakes are very different from one another.  While the Lower lake is surrounded by marshes where a wide variety of fauna and flora can be found,  the Upper Lake lies at the foot of steep mountains.  Their reflexion gives a dark and mysterious colour to its waters.

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