Leisurely Guided Walks on Dublin's Doorstep

Three Rock Mountain & Giant’s Grave, Dublin Mountains

  • Price: €30/ person
  • How to get  from Dublin to the start of the walk: train (Luas) or bus; private transport
  • Length of walk: approx. 2 hours (easy)
  • Contact us by email,  phone or WhatsHapp  +353 (0) 86 403 2002 
  • Walk also included in the half-day walking tours departing from Dublin

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Giant’s Grave (Ballyedmonduff Wedge Tomb)

Not far from Three Rock Mountain, in the heart of the forest, there is a quiet clearing.  The imposing ruins of the Giant’s Grave,can be found there.  It was built some 4000 years ago.  Most of the tall stones which were placed around the grave  are still standing but the heap of stones covering the grave was never replaced since the grave was opened in the 1950s.  Since that time, the inner structure of the grave is visible, with three small funeral chambers where a number of items were found.

Three Rock Mountain

On the plateau at the top of Three Rock Mountain, there are three heaps of ancient stones.  Through centuries, these rocks have been weathered down by the tough Irish weather.  However, for the last 50 years, they have been overshadowed by the masts used for the transmission of radio and television services.  The views over the Irish sea, the coast and the mountains are exceptional.

Dublin Mountains Way

This waymarked way was open about ten years ago.  Going through the Dublin Mountains and Three Rock Mountain,  it links the East coast to the West of Dublin.  For most of the walk, the route follows this beautiful trail.  It offers some magnificent glimpses over the coast, the countryside and Dublin Bay.  With a bit of luck, it may even be possible to see a shy deer between the trees.

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