Join us for a leisurely guided walk on Dublin’s Doorstep, also known as the Garden of Ireland. Take the time to stop and enjoy the stunning landscapes of rolling hills, peaceful lakes and sandy beaches. The Garden of Ireland, in the heart of Ireland’s Ancient East, is steeped in history and culture from ancient graves to monastic sites and famine relief monuments.

The guided walks are two or three hours long and are suitable to all ages and levels of fitness. For enquiries and bookings or for a customized walk, please contact us. Walks are available every day of the year on request. We also offer guided walk in Dublin City centre.

A guided walk for every season

A leisurely guided walk gives you time to soak in nature’s peace and quiet. The silence is only disturbed by the waves breaking on the shore, birds singing in the forest or the wind gently whistling in the trees. As the seasons come and go, nature is constantly changing, with wild flowers blooming in spring and summer, leaves turning golden and red in the autumn and the mountains clad in one thousand and one shades of brown in the winter, sometimes with a white patch of snow.


  • 2 hour guided walk: from €30/ person (group rates and family rates available)
  •  3 hour guided walk: from €40/ person  (group rates and family rates available)

Guided Walks in the Wicklow Mountains

Our guided walks may take you through quiet woods, with birds singing in the trees.  Further up, the forest gives way to open moorlands. with beautiful views opening up over the mountains and the sea in the distance.  Most of the walks follow deep glacial valleys with picturesque lakes and bubbling streams. Among them is the valley of Glendalough in the heart of Wicklow Mountains National Park.
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Guided Walks in the Dublin Mountains

In the Dublin Mountains, there is a wide range of trails and paths going through the forests and the moorland.  Stunning views open up over Dublin City, the coast and the Wicklow Mountains.

Guided Walks by the Sea

To explore the East coast, we have two guided walks on offer. Starting at sea level, they follow trails which go up to viewpoints overlooking the coast with the mountains in the background.  This area has also an amazing history which goes back for more than 4000 years.  As new comers came to Ireland, they landed on these shores. Included in the walks by the sea is a guided tour of Dublin.


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