Wicklow Mountains Valleys


The deep glacial valleys of the Wicklow Mountains are ideal for leisurely walks.  Rivers meander among old trees and in their clear waters,  the stones covered in green moss add a colourful touch.  To explore these beautiful valleys, we have set up three guided walk.
The mysterious charm of the Devil’s Glen has attracted many artists and walkers. The River Vartry meanders through this deep and narrow valley carved out by the glaciers’ melt waters.  A quiet trail follows the river leading to a pretty waterfall, tumbling down in the heart of the forest in a deep pool.  This quiet trail is enhanced by unusual wooden sculptures

In the heart of Wicklow Mountains National Park, the valley of Glendalough and its two lakes nestle at the foot of steep and forested mountains.  There is a great choice of walks in unspoilt nature and beautiful landscapes of mountains and lakes.  The valley is also home to the ruins of a 6th century monastery and its round tower which is still standing proud over the valley.

In Avonmore valley, beautiful landscapes open up over lush meadows and the rounded mountains on the far side of the valley.  The trail overlooking the valley leads to Glendalough and its two lakes, nestling at the foot of the Wicklow Mountains.

There is nothing like a leisurely walk to explore these magnificent valleys and enjoy the beautiful landscapes.   Walking at a quiet pace, there is time to relax and take in the charm of unspoilt nature.  As every season brings in its own colours and weather, no walks are ever the same.


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