Avonmore Valley walks

This beautiful valley lies in the heart of Wicklow Mountains National Park and is well-known for its magnificent landscapes. The views open up over lush fields and rounded mountains on both side of Avonmore valley.


  • Price: from €40/ person (group rates and family rates available)
  • Walk accessible by public transport from Dublin City Centre
  • Walking time: approx. 3 hours (moderate)
  • Avonmore Valley walks included in our walking tours departing from Dublin
  • For bookings and enquiries, please contact us.

Avonmore Valley Walks

Soon after leaving the Avonmore river, the Avonmore Valley walks reach the Wicklow Way.   This long distance trail follows the valley, overlooking lush fields and  rounded mountains on the far side.  Further on,  the pasture lands give way to the moorland.  In the summer, it turns purple when the heather is in bloom.  Continuing on towards Glendalough, Avonmore Valley walks goes across a wooded valley.  The trail goes then up to a viewpoint.  Magnificent views open up over Glendalough, its two lakes and the Wicklow Mountains.  We also glimpse far below the round tower and the ruins of the Monastic Site.

Glendalough Valley

This beautiful valley lies in the heart of Wicklow Mountains National Park. It is well-known for its magnificent landscapes, its two lakes and the ruins of a famous monastery founded in the 6th century.  Its round tower has stood tall for the last ten centuries, overlooking the valley and  the ruins of the Monastic Site.  Avonmore Valley walks end with a guided tour of the Monastic Site.  This walks doesn’t include the lakes but we have a good view over them from the view point.

Wicklow Way

The Wicklow Way starts in the west of Dublin going through the Wicklow Mountains to the mountains foothills further south.  Along the way, there are beautiful views over  mountains, lakes and lush countryside.  Avonmore Valley walks follow the Wicklow Way for some of the way and we can enjoy  stunning views over the Wicklow Mountains.
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