Bray Head & Cliff Walks

The steep slopes of this headland walk rise majestically above the beach and the Promenade of Bray. The Cliff Walk winds its way through a wild landscape dotted with colourful flowers in summer connecting the two seaside towns of Bray and Greystones with magnificent views of the Irish sea.


  • Price: from €40/ person (group rates and family rates available)
  • Walks accessible by public transport (Dart, Bus) from Dublin City Centre
  • Walking time: approx. 3 hours (moderate)
  • Bray Head walks included in our walking tours departing from Dublin.
  • Please, contact us for booking and enquiries

 Bray Head and the Cross

The steep slopes of Bray Head rise majestically above Bray beach and the Promenade.  Half-way up, there is a rocky outcrop where the local people built a cross  about seventy years ago.  As the path meanders  up  through the woods, we can  enjoy  stunning views over the beach  and the coast.  But it is only on reaching the Cross that we discover the  panoramic views stretching from the mountains to the coast.

Cliff Walk  

Carved out of the steep slopes of Bray Head, the Cliff Walk winds its way through a wild landscape.  As we walk along the trail, we have time to enjoy the stunning views over the railway and the rugged coastline.  There, we can enjoy nature’s silence, only broken by the song of the birds nesting in the cliffs and the occasional train passing by.  Sometimes, we can also hear the waves crushing on the shore.

Railway Line 

The railway line connects the two seaside towns of Bray and Greystones and it is considered one of the most scenic railway routes in Ireland.  The railway line was built in the middle of the 19th century along the slopes of Bray Head.  The workers had to blast several tunnels through the cliffs and build elegant bridges over deep ravines.  Above the railway line, the workers built also a trail which is known as the  Cliff Walk.  Along the way,  we can enjoy amazing views over the sea and the rugged coast.
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