Dublin walks – Streets & Statues

Guided walks through the lively streets of Dublin City Center and Temple Bar, on the South side of the river Liffey. Magnificent buildings and intriguing statues, including Molly Malone, a fishmonger who sold cockles and mussels at Dublin's street corners.


  • Price: 2 hours:  from €40/ person; 3 hours: from €50/ person (group rates and family rates available)
  • Dublin walks  take place in the City Center and Temple Bar on the South Side of the River Liffey
  • Please, contact for further inquiries and bookings.

Dublin walks: Streets and Statues

On Dublin walks you will get a sense of the City through its magnificent architecture mirroring its long history.  Named Dublin’s  Streets and statues, Dublin walks take place on the South side of the the River Liffey.  The walks let you soak in the vibrant atmosphere of the City Centre and of Temple Bar, Dublin’s cultural quarter also known for its nightlife. On the way, we come across intriguing statues commissioned by the City for its 1000th millennium. We will also go to the River Liffey which flows through the city towards the sea.  From it bridges, beautiful perspectives open up over Dublin.

Historical buildings

On Dublin walks, we pass by the most important buildings of the City Center on the South shore of the river Liffey.  Among them are Trinity College, the Castle and the City Hall.  Hearing about their fascinating history gives an insight into the long past of the City and how it evolved through the last thousand of years.  The Vikings who settled by the River Liffey  in the 9th century are considered to be the city founders.  

Millennium Statues

For its 1000th anniversary, Dublin City commissioned statues in honor of its citizens and artists. They have been placed in unusual locations adding a touch of homeliness to the charms of the City.  On Dublin walks, we come across the statue of Molly Malone.  She is a fictional character, representing all the women who sold their fish at streets’ corners.  Immortalized in a famous ballad, she has become Dublin’s iconic symbol.

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