Fairy Castle walks

Along this beautiful walk, we can see the ruins of the Giant’s Grave in a mysterious clearing. Further on, at the top of Fairy Castle, there is a heap of stones covering a prehistoric grave which has never been opened. On the way, you can enjoy magnificent views over the mountains, the coast and Dublin city.


  • Price: from €40/ person (group rates and family rates available)
  • Walk accessible by public transport from Dublin City Centre
  • Length of walk: approx. 3 hours (moderate)
  • Walk included in the Walking Tours departing from Dublin
  • For booking and enquiries, please contact us

Fairy Castle walks

On the Fairy Castle walks we walk to the highest point  of the Dublin Mountains.  On the top, there is a big heap of stones covering an old megalithic tomb.  It has never revealed its secrets because it has not yet been opened. According to local beliefs, the fairies living among the stones can be seen dancing by moonlight. From there, we can admire a magnificent perspectives stretching from the Irish sea to the Wicklow Mountains.

Three Rock Mountain 

On the way down from Fairy Caste, Fairy Castle walks pass by Three Rock Mountain.  This is a wide plateau facing the Irish Sea.   More than likely, the name of the mountain comes from the three large heaps of weather beaten rocks lying in the heather.  We take our time to walk along the plateau and we can enjoy the magnificent panorama stretching below with a wide perspective over Dublin, the coast and the Irish Sea.

Giant’s Grave (Ballyedmonduff Wedge Tomb) 

In the Dublin Mountains, several prehistoric graves can be seen in the heart of the forests or on the high ridges of the mountains.  They were built some four thousand years ago, in the Early Bronze Age.   The Fairy Castle  walks offer a unique opportunity to see  Ballyedmonduff Wedge Tomb, known locally as the Giant’s Grave.  Its imposing ruins lie in a mysterious clearing surrounded by tall trees.  We can still see the grave’s inner chambers and some of the standing stones which surrounded the grave. By now, most of them are lying in the grass of the clearing.


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