Glendalough Valley and Monastic Site

Famous for its two lakes and its magnificent valley and round tower, Glendalough nestles at the foot of steep and forested mountains with a monastic site founded in the 6th century by Saint Kevin.


  • Price: from €30
  • Walk accessible by public transport from Dublin City Centre
  • Length of walk: approx. 2 hours (easy)
  • Guided tour of the Monastic Site included in the walk
  • Walk also included in the Walking Tours departing from Dublin
  • Please, contact us for bookings and enquiries

Glendalough Valley
Lying at the heart of Wicklow Mountains National Park, Glendalough Valley is famous for its two lakes and its magnificent landscapes of mountains.   Nowadays, the valley is shrouded in deep silence only disturbed by the wind in the trees and bird song.   Not so long ago, it was a noisy place because of the mining taking place further up in the valley.  Deer or goats can be seen in the peaceful forests or in winter, they may come down to graze in the pasture lands close to the lakes.

Glendalough Lakes
The name of the valley means the Valley of the two lakes, one being the Lower Lake and the other, the Upper Lake. The Lower lake is shaded on one side by the beautiful trees of the forest and on the other side, there are wide swamps which are home to many birds. Further up Glendalough Valley, we will admire the Upper Lake and how it nestles at the foot of steep mountains with pine forests coming down to the shore.  There, in a cave overlooking the lake, Saint Kevin lived as a hermit when he first came to the Valley.

The Monastic Site
The Valley of Glendalough is home to the ruins of a Monastic Site founded in the 6th century by Saint Kevin. Its fame as a spiritual and learning center spread well beyond the Irish shores attracting many pilgrims and scholars. On the guided tour, we will discover its fascinating history and see the ruins of the Monastic site. Its Round Tower is still standing tall, overlooking the ruins and the valley.

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