Raven’s Rock walks

As we leave the forest, we can see ahead of us a few rocks rising above the moorland. They are known locally as Raven’s Rock.


  • Price: from €50 /person (group rates and family rates available)
  • Walks accessible by public transport from Dublin City Centre
  • Length of walks: approx. 4 hours (moderate)
  • Raven’s Rock walks are included in the Walking tours departing from Dublin
  • Please, contact us for bookings and enquiries

Raven’s Rock walks

Raven’s Rock walks follow wide trails meandering through the woods, with beautiful glimpses over the countryside and the Dublin Mountains.  On reaching the moorland, we can see ahead of us  a few rocks rising above the moorland. They are known locally as Raven’s Rock. From there, we can enjoy  sweeping views over the moorland, the mountains and the outline of the coast in the distance. Down below, we can see lush valleys and the dark patches of the forests.

The moorland 

On Raven’s Rock walks, we walk across the moorland stretching from the forest to the nearest mountain tops. The ground is made of peat, a type of soil formed by plants decaying over hundreds of years. It is covered with grass, gorse bushes and heather, all of them thriving in this acidic environment.  In the summer, when the heather is in bloom, the moorland turns purple, with yellow patches from the gorse flowers. It is also home to many birds often nesting on the ground beneath the grasses and shrubs.


With a bit of luck,  on reaching the moorland on the Raven’s Rock Walks, we may see ravens soaring over Raven’s Rock and the moorland or playing in the wind. Thanks to their large wing span, they glide effortlessly with hardly any wing flapping. As the air rushes through their feathers, we may hear a creaking sound, like rustling silk. The ravens are masters of the wide open space of the moorland and a familiar presence in the mountains

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