Walking day tours

Our walking day tours are ideal for exploring the area on Dublin’s doorstep. All of them include a guided walk between mountains and sea. Meet the guide in Dublin City Center and travel with her by public transport to the start of the walk and back. This is a unique opportunity for exploring off the beaten track itineraries where tourists don't usually venture and for getting a chance to meet the friendly locals.

Walking day tours – Glendalough & Monastic site, Wicklow Mountains

  • Walking day tours to Glendalough with a two hour walk in Wicklow Mountains National Park (easy)
  • Guided tour of the Monastic Site
  • Price: from €100/ person (incl. bus fares)
  • Contact us for bookings and enquiries
glendalough walks

Leaving behind Dublin’s green suburbs, the bus travels through lush countryside toward the Wicklow Mountains. The valley of Glendalough lies at the heart of Wicklow Mountains National Park. It is well-known for its magnificent landscapes and its two lakes. It is also home to a once famous monastery and its round tower. After a guided tour of the Monastic Site, we start on our walk around the valley, enjoying its lovely trails meandering through beautiful forests.

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Walking day tours – Avonmore Valley & Glendalough, Wicklow mountains

  • Walking day tours in Avonmore  Valley with a three hour walk in Wicklow mountains National Park (moderate)
  • Guided tour of the Monastic Site
  • Contact us for bookings and enquiries
Avonmore Valley Trooperstown Hill

After travelling with the local bus to Avonmore village, we start our walk along quiet trails and we soon reach the Wicklow Way which overlooks the lush valley of Avonmore.  there are also magnificent views  over the Wicklow Mountains. Just before reaching Glendalough valley, we pass by a view point with stunning views over the valley, its two lakes and the Round Tower. The walk ends with a guided tour of the Monastic Site.

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Walking day tours – Raven’s Rock, Dublin Mountains

  • Walking day tours to Raven’s Rock with a four hour walk (moderate)
  • Price: from €90/ person (incl. bus fares; reduction available for Vistor Leap Card holders)
  • Contact us for bookings and enquiries

We travel first by tram and then by bus to the start of the walk in the Dublin Mountains. The walk follows wide trails through the forest up to a high plateau. There, a few rocks rise above the moorland and they are known locally as Raven’s Rock. Stunning views open up over the Wicklow and Dublin Mountains and in the distance, we can see the outline of the coast. On the way down, the trail meanders through the forest and there are some stunning views over the Dublin Mountains.

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Walking day tours – Victorian Trails, Coastal Walks

  • Walking day tours with two walks of two hours each (easy)
  • Morning: Cliff Walk
  • Afternoon: Killiney Hill Park
  • Price; from from €90/ person (incl. train fares; reduction available for Visitor Leap Card holders)
  • Contact us for bookings and enquiries
Cliff Walk

Morning: Cliff Walk 

As we travel with the train to Greystones, we can enjoy stunning views over the sea and the coast. The Cliff walk which links Greystones to the seaside town of Brayl goes up through lush meadows but as it starts going down toward Bray, the landscape changes dramatically. The trail was carved out of the steep slopes of Bray Head when the railway line was built. Overlooking the railway line and the sea, it offers magnificent views over the rugged coastline.

Afternoon: Killiney Hill Park

We take the train to reach the start of the afternoon walk. The walk takes us through the mature woodlands of Killiney Hill Park and to the tops of the two hills overlooking the sea and the mountains. On the way back, we pass by a picturesque harbour with pretty views over Dalkey Island.

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