Called also the Garden of Ireland, Wicklow is well known for its outstanding beauty. Here are just a few images of this enchanting part of Ireland. Which is right on Dublin's doorstep.

Join us for a Walk

At Wicklow Scenic Walks, we tailor our walks to suit your needs so you’ll get the most out of your day. The walks are taken at a leisurely pace allowing plenty of time to enjoy the stunning views and to soak in the beauty and the tranquilly that only nature can offer. They are suitable for all, as they follow easy trails and last no longer than three hours. Our walks are led by Beatrice Lasserre, a local guide from the French part of Switzerland who is passionate about walking and the local history.

We have created walks off the beaten tracks which follow well established walking trails. They offer magnificent views over the mountains and the sea. The routes are in the Wicklow Mountains, the Dublin Mountains and along the coast. We offer also a walking tour in Dublin.

Walking at a leisurely pace, there is time for enjoying the stunning scenery and for exploring the local heritage. The walks are accessible to all age groups and all levels of fitness.

All the walks can be personalised according to your interest and without any extra costs. Please, contact us for further information.

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